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We believe that learning Spanish is more than just studying vocabulary and grammar.

Learning a language can broaden your horizon and connect you with other people.

SAY ZONTE! empowers you to engage with the local community of El Zonte to be a part of more sustainable tourism.

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Teaching Spanish

Teaching SPANISH

We provide quality and enjoyable Spanish lessons: Online and in real life! We equip our students with real-world skills to immerse themselves in the Spanish language and the Salvadoran culture.



We strongly focus on developing a professional perspective for our team members and supporting the local community. Sustainable tourism is one key to give people from El Salvador a  better future.



Promoting intercultural awareness is vital in our world. We connect people by giving them the chance to interact and learn mutually about their cultures.

Get our of the classroom and live Spanish with us!

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Spanish Lessons in El Salvador

SAY ZONTE! continuously developed since 2017 from a project called “Spanish School El Zonte”.

We started giving Spanish lessons under a Palm Tree in El Zonte in the year 2017 and have taught Spanish to more than 100 students from all over the world.

Usually, our face-to-face Spanish lessons take place at Palo Verde Hotel or the Hostel Esencia Nativa in El Zonte.

Please write us a message if you have any more questions!

Spanish lessons in El Salvador

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Spanish Lessons in El Salvador

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If you want to learn Spanish with us, please don’t hesitate to write us a message.

Spanish Lessons in El Salvador

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