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We want to promote an inclusive and sustainable way of educational tourism by maintaining our high standards for our idea of teaching Spanish AND including the local people of El Zonte! Get to know some of the activities that the El Zonte community has to offer!


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Spanish Lessons in El Salvador

How TO “Live Spanish!” with us?

Surf lessons in Spanish

How to say “I like surfing!” in Spanish? Why not learning how to surf and practice your conversational skills with your local surf instructor? ¡Vamos, no seas una boya!


If you are interested in volunterring and giving something back to the El Zonte community you can find some options in our calender. Are you looking for a more long-term project, please contact us!


That’s a special one! And also one of our favorites for our Spanish students: Learn how to make “pupusas” like a real Salvadorean pupusera. 100% Spanish guaranted.

Language exchange

Are you an English teacher or have at least teaching experience? Please contact us to get involed into our language exchange program: teach English and practice your Spanish in exchange!

Socialize yourself!

El Zonte (fortunately) is not a crazy party town, but there are plenty of options to socialize and speak Spanish besides your Spanish lessons!


El Zonte has a lot of interesting things to offer besides taking Spanish classes! Why not trying a professional coffee-tasting in Spanish? What about a hiking trip or a yoga class? In Spanish, of course!

The idea behind it

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Every single event that you can find in our calendar will allow you to use and practice your Spanish besides your Spanish classes with us. It’s part of your learning experience and will help you to get more fluent in Spanish.

Furthermore, we want to connect the different people, small businesses, and local-driven projects offering services in the tourism sector with our concept.

The local people who are involved are aware that you are with us to learn Spanish. They will give you the chance to gain confidence and speak more and more fluent in Spanish.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Spanish Lessons in El Salvador

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If you want to learn Spanish with us, please don’t hesitate to write us a message.

Spanish Lessons in El Salvador

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