How to introduce yourself in Spanish: 5 free exercises!

Oct 14, 2020 | Spanish Vocabulary

Learn how to introduce yourself in Spanish!

Learning how to introduce yourself in Spanish is probably one of the first and most important things when you start your career as a Spanish speaker!

It’s essential to memorize the most frequent phrases for formal and informal situations.

Additionally, we always recommend being prepared for the most common slang phrases you will hear when traveling to different Latin American countries.

As we, SAY ZONTE!, are from El Salvador, we will provide you with essential slang to introduce yourself in Salvadoran Spanish.

Let’s start with our learning video. After watching it, you should try our free exercise at the bottom of this page. The rest is practice! ¡Vamos!

Learning video: Learn how to introduce yourself in Spanish!

Exercise: The most essential phrases!

With the following exercises, you can memorize the most essential phrases to start and end a conversation! It’s always good to know them!

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