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No matter your learning style, we’ve got a program for you. Easy to learn, easy to pay. From single sessions to a full month of classes, you have options and if you’re still unsure, how about a class on us?

Our Prices

Nuestros precios

Face-2-Face-Spanish lessons in El Zonte

clases presenciales en El Zonte

Immerse yourself in Spanish while enjoying the natural beauty of El Zonte and practice daily with the teachers from the Say Zonte team. All lessons are held in one on one sessions and are perfect for any skill level, even if you’ve never spoken a word of Spanish.

Interested in learning even more Spanish with our EDUCATIONAL VACATION program?

Drop us a line and let us send you information about this special limited time program, also know as “Bildungsurlaub” for our german customers.

ONLINE Spanish lessons

clases en línea

Spanish online lessons

Learn and practice Spanish from the comfort of your home. Let the talented teachers from the SAY ZONTE! team bring their language lessons to you.

Choose single classes or a whole package of lessons.

All lessons are held in one on one sessions and are great for any level of Spanish proficiency. 

How can I pay?

¿Cómo puedo pagar?

Secure payments mean you’re covered no matter how you’d like to pay for your lessons. We offer a range of convenient, secure payment methods to ensure peace of mind. Start your Spanish lessons knowing you never have worry about the security of your payments.


At our Homebase at Palo Verde Hotel in El Zonte we accept cash. The official currency in El Salvador us the US-Dollar.


The fastest and most secure method of payments. All major platforms accepted for your classes in El Zonte. We have to charge a 5% extra fee, because that’s what the bank charges us.


Xoom from PayPal is the most popular payments platform in El Salvador. PayPal or other payment options unfortunately doesn’t work in El Salvador.

bitcoin beach


Yes, we got it, El Zonte: Bitcoin-Beach! And we do accept Bitcoin! Yay! Some of our teachers for the online classes do accept Bitcoin, too.

Drop us a line and let us know if you have any more questions!


How can I pay for my Spanish lessons?

For your online lessons, you pay directly to your Spanish teacher. The easiest way is PayPal or Xoom (a service from PayPal). Some of our teachers also accept Bitcoin.

If you take face-2-face Spanish lessons with us in El Zonte, you usually pay cash (US-Dollar) or a credit card (+5% extra bank fee). Also, we accept bitcoin. There’s no ATM in El Zonte, but there are some in El Tunco, or at the airport, for example.

When do I get the link for my online Spanish class?

You will receive the link for your meeting directly from your teacher. Usually, your teacher will contact you at least 24h before your first appointment.
Some of our teachers have preferences using Zoom, Skype, or GoogleMeet. Anyway, they can also adapt to your needs.

Do you offer a homestay program?

Currently we do not offer homestay in El Zonte. Anyway, we are working on this option! Please be patient.

How many lessons do I have to take per day (El Zonte)?

It all depends on you! You can take up to 6 classes (each has 50min) per day. But it is also ok if you purchase a package and take two classes every two or three days. We like to keep it as flexible for you as possible.

Anyway, if you want to make serious progress learning Spanish, we recommend taking at least 2 classes per day.

How can I get from the airport to El Zonte?
There are several options. But the most comfortable one is to organize an aiport pickup with the place where you stay. If you need assistance, please write us a message. You can also find more information here: THE AIRPORT OF EL SALVADOR: A USEFUL GUIDE FOR TRAVELERS
Can you recommend any accommodation?

Yes, we can! But it depends on your budget! El Zonte has a wide variety of hostels and hotels for every budget.

Our home base is Palo Verde Hotel (www.paloverdehotel.com). Everything in El Zonte is within walking distance, so you don’t need a car or public transport if you stay in El Zonte. An excellent start to find out what is best for you is this website: www.elzontelindo.com

Spanish Lessons in El Salvador

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Spanish Lessons in El Salvador

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