The 20 most important professions in Spanish | Free exercise!

Oct 18, 2020 | Spanish Vocabulary

Some tips!

If you’re a native English speaker, it might be pretty easy for you to learn some of the vocabularies of the Spanish profession. Some of them are pretty similar to the English words, for example:

architect – el arquitecto

Also, it’s not that difficult to learn the female form of the Spanish profession. Just put an –a at the end!

teacher – el profesor, la profesora

Unfortunately, it can get a bit complicated in some cases:

actor – el actor, la actriz

In general, the professions in Spanish that end with -ista, -ante o -atra don’t have a female form! Also, some Spanish professions doesn’t change: 

policemen/-women – la policía

Let’s finally start with our quiz. 

¡Vamos! and Say Zonte!


Practice the professions in Spanish!

professions in Spanish

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