Dec 5, 2021 | Level A1, Spanish Grammar

Step 1: Why SER vs ESTAR quizzes?

SER and ESTAR are two essential verbs in Spanish! Both are used as the verb “to be” in English or “sein” in German. But the problem is that you have to learn how to use them correctly.

In some situations, you have to use the Spanish ver “ser.” In others, the verb “estar.” Therefore it is confusing for everyone who starts to learn Spanish. But don’t worry, with our ultimate “SER vs ESTAR quizzes,” you will get a big step closer to mastering the essential topic of Spanish grammar. Let’s start easy.

By the way: If you find our quizzes for beginners too easy, you can already try out the   The ultimate ser vs estar quiz! in our other blog post.

Let’s face the problem in our first step:

English: I am a Juilo.

German: Ich bin Julio.

Spanish: Soy Julio. 

English: I am tired.

German: Ich bin müde.

Spanish: Estoy cansado.

As you can see, “SER AND ESTAR” are used differently, but not in other languages as English or German. Saying, “Soy cansado.” is just wrong! So let’s go to our next step.

ser vs estar quizzes


SER and ESTAR are irregular verbs, meaning that you have to study them individually. Let’s start with our first two ser vs estar quizzes.


Quiz 1: The Spanish verb SER conjugation

Quiz 2: The Spanish verb ESTAR conjugation

Quiz 3: The Spanish verb SER and ESTAR conjugation


On our YoutTube – Channel, you can find a video about the correct use of both verbs. We recommend watching it! In less than 4 minutes, you will know how to use them correctly.

In general, you can say that you use the Spanish ver “SER” when talking about permanent states, such as professions and nationality.

“ESTAR” is used when there is a temporary state, like emotions, physical conditions, etc. But watch out, there are exceptions, and sometimes the use of ser vs estar is not that easy as it seems.

English: The chicken is dead.

German: Das Huhn ist tot.

Spanish: La gallina está muerta.

(It’s definitely a permanent state, but you have to use “estar”!)

English: I am 40 years old.

German: Ich bin40 Jahre alt.

Spanish: Tengo 40 años. (tengo = I have)

(Sometimes you don’t use ser or estar, even if you use the verb “to be” (English) or “sein” (in German).


QUIZ 4: SER AND ESTAR in complete sentences

But now, let’s keep going with our SER vs ESTAR quizzes! Can you use both verbs correctly?

Step 4: Use SER and ESTAR in context

We always recommend memorizing some daily phrases to get used to the correct use of both verbs. Let’s do this in step 4 of our ser vs estar quizzes!

Step 5: Use SER and ESTAR in complex texts

It’s more difficult combining both—the correct verb conjugation of ser and estar plus the decision which one to use.

Let’s try it with the following text about our beautiful country El Salvador. If you don’t understand every word, don’t worry. Please have a look at the translation below.

QUIZ 6: El SALVADOR a country worth a visit!

El Salvador is a very beautiful country. Salvadorans are funny and have good humor.

It is easy to travel and visit all the tourist places. All the sites are close by.

The beaches are lovely, and it is possible to see turtles. They are very intelligent animals.

The villages are also very nice because they are not full of tourists. It is unnecessary to bring a lot of money because the hotels are not very expensive.

In downtown San Salvador you can visit the church El Rosario and the cathedral where the tomb of Monsignor Romero is. It is an exceptional experience.

Although El Salvador is not problem-free, we are delighted that you will visit our country; you are always welcome!

Step 6: Don’t get obsessed with GRAMMAR!

No doubt, if you learn Spanish, grammar is essential, but it is not everything. You will make mistakes, also after finishing out ser vs estar quizzes. And that’s not a problem at all, because a Spanish speaker will mostly understand what you want to tell him, even if you make mistakes using SER and ESTAR.

It takes time to use these verbs correctly in a fluent conversation. Listen to native speakers and realize how they use their language! Step by step, you will get more secure using SER and ESTAR.

Learning a language is a long process, and mistakes are a part of this process. Don’t get frsutrated and enjoy making small steps and getting into a real conversation!

Ser and Estar

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