Spanish Alphabet Quiz

Oct 14, 2020 | Spanish Listening, Spanish Vocabulary

Learning the Spanish Alphabet

The Spanish Alphabet usually is one of the first things that you learn as a beginner. It’s essential because the pronunciation of some letters is different from what you might be used in your mother tongue.

To improve your Spanish pronunciation, we recommend speaking Spanish as often as possible and maybe watching some Spanish movies to get used to the sounds of the Spanish language.

Also, we recommend our custom-made Spanish lessons with our qualified teachers. Click here to contact us or book directly.

In general, there is some letter in the Spanish Alphabet that usually are more difficult to pronounce than others:

r and rr

Especially the r and the famous trilled rr (doble erre) can be challenging to pronounce. We strongly recommend reading our post about mastering it. The key is to practice.


The ñ is completely different from the n in the Spanish alphabet. It sounds very much like the ni in onion or the ny in canyon.


Depending on where you learn Spanish, the letter z is pronounced differently. You will hear the Castilian lisp in most parts of Spain, but not in Central America.

Please have a look at the Spanish Alphabet and try to pronounce them different letters as good as you can.

spanish alphabet quiz

Learning video: The Spanish Alphabet with Salvadoran Slang words

As SAY ZONTE! we always try to teach a bit of our culture to our students. Salvadoran Slang words are a part of it – and it’s amusing, by the way. Please watch our video, before trying our Spanish alphabet quiz:

You can find more of these videos on our YouTube-Channel. Also, we can strongly recommend this webpage, where you can find the complete Spanish alphabet including a short video. Sometimes it makes it easier if you can watch a native speaker pronouncing the different letters to imitate mouth and tongue movements.

Spanish Alphabet Quiz No.1: Which letter do you hear?

spanish alphabet quiz

Spanish Alphabet Quiz No.2: Can you write down the Spanish word?

Spanish Alphabet Quiz No.3: Write down the names!

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