The SAY ZONTE!-Spanish Exams

Our SAY ZONTE!-Spanish exams are a great way to assess your progress and identify areas where you need to improve.

Get prepared and make the next step in your Spanish learning experience!

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THE SAY ZONTE!-A1 Spanish Exam

We constantly develop and improve our Spanish exams to offer you the best quality possible. For now, we can provide you with our SAY ZONTE! – A1 Spanish exam for beginners.

Our exam is carefully designed, referring to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), and covers LEVEL A1 (Beginners).

The exam contains four parts: 

    Reading Comprehension

    Listening Comprehension

    Written expression

    oral expression & interaction

    The SAY ZONTE!-A1 exam covers basic grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. It will give you the confidence to communicate effectively in Spanish in everyday situations, such as presenting yourself to others, ordering food in a restaurant, or asking for directions.

    You will need about 2.5 hours to get through the whole process!

    FAQ – Things you need to know!

    Why take the SAY ZONTE! - A1 exam?

    Firstly, it provides a clear benchmark of your language abilities, which can help set goals and track your progress.
    Secondly, achieving a good score on the exam makes you sure to pass every comparable exam. In easy words: If you pass out our SAY ZONTE! A1-exam, you also pass any “official” exam of the same level like DELE or SIELE.

    How does it work?

    Let your Spanish teacher know that you want to prepare for the exam. He or She will teach you anything you need to pass it successfully. Make an appointment with your teacher and take some time (2.5 hours) to do the exam. You usually get your results on the same day as your exam or the day after it.

    How to prepare for the exam?

    You can prepare with our qualified Spanish teachers for our SAY ZONTE A1 exam. They will guide you through the process and teach you anything you need to know to pass the exam successfully.

    How long do I have to study to pass the exam?

    Usually, it will take 60-80 hours if you start from zero to reach the official level A1 referring to the CEFR. Some of our students have basic knowledge before starting a Spanish course with us, so that they will need less than 60-80 hours. Also, 1-on-1 Spanish lessons are way more effective than group lessons. Some of our students even pass the exam after 25-35 Spanish lessons with us!

    How much is the exam?

    There are no extra costs for the exam! You can do it within a package of Spanish lessons you have purchased with us. The exam takes about 2.5 hours, equal to 3 x 50 min Spanish lessons. It’s only possible to take the exam in El Zonte, not online! Anyway, you can prepare for the exam with online classes!

    Will I get an official certificate?

    As a small Spanish school, we don’t have official accreditation (yet). But you will get a SAY ZONTE!-Certificate showing the number of Spanish lessons you have taken and the points for each part (listening, reading, spoken interaction, and written expression).

    How many points do I need to pass the exam?

    To pass our SAY ZONTE!-A1 exam, you must score at least 60% of the total points (60 out of 100) and at least 50% in each of the four parts (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing, and oral interaction).

    Yes, we know it’s tough! But see it as a challenge. Also, you can be sure to pass any official exam like DELE or SIELE if you pass our exam.

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