Spanish family vocabulary

Oct 19, 2020 | Spanish Vocabulary

The Spanish Family vocabulary

In your daily life as a Spanish speaker, you will need some basic Spanish vocabulary. For example, if you want to introduce yourself and your family, it’s important to know the correct Spanish family vocabulary.

In this post, you will learn the Spanish words for the most important persons in a family. We would like to connect it with a little reading comprehension. A positive side-effect will be that you already learn the Spanish words in complete sentences and meaningful context.

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spanish family vocabulary

Spanish family reading comprehension

As a complete beginner with almost no knowledge, the text might be a little bit too difficult, but you can try!

Read the text about the family “González”. Try to memorize the Spanish Family vocabulary as well as possible to be ready for the following quiz.

There is also the English version at the back of the Text (click or hover), just if you don’t understand the Spanish text completely.

La familia González

Esta es la familia González. La familia no es muy grande, pero hay más personas que no están en la foto.

En la familia hay dos hijos. Fernando y Andrea son una pareja (esposos) Andrea es la madre de Miguel y Emilio y la mujer (la esposa) de Fernando. Fernando es el padre de Miguel y Emilio y el marido (el esposo) de Andrea.

Angélica es la tía de Miguel y Emilio y la hermana de Andrea. Miguel y Emilio son los sobrinos de Angélica. Fernando no tiene hermanos. Angélica todavía no tiene hijos por eso Miguel y Emilio no tienen primos.

Los abuelos de Emilio y Miguel no están en la foto, pero a ellos les encantan sus nietos. Se llaman Pedro y Elisa (los padres de Fernando) y Camilo y Camila (los padres de Andrea).

The Family González

This is the González family. The family is not very big, but there are more people who are not in the photo.

In the family, there are two children. Fernando and Andrea are a couple (husband and wife) Andrea is the mother of Miguel and Emilio and the wife (wife) of Fernando. Fernando is the father of Miguel and Emilio and the husband of Andrea.

Angelica is the aunt of Miguel and Emilio and the sister of Andrea. Miguel and Emilio are Angelica’s nephews. Fernando has no siblings. Angelica has no children yet, so Miguel and Emilio have no cousins.

Emilio and Miguel’s grandparents are not in the picture, but they love their grandchildren. Their names are Pedro and Elisa (Fernando’s parents) and Camilo and Camila (Andrea’s parents).

The Quiz: Spanish Family Vocabulary

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