How to make a reservation for a Hotel in Spanish

Feb 22, 2023 | Level A1, Spanish Vocabulary

How to make a reservation for a hotel in Spanish

Making a reservation for a hotel in Spanish is probably one of the most important thing that you will have to learn as a beginner.

In our Spanish listening comprehension exercise, you will listen to a conversation between a person and a hotel receptionist as they make a reservation over the phone.

The person provides

  • the dates of their stay,
  • the type of room they want,
  • and their personal information,

while the receptionist confirms the details and provides the price of the room.

This exercise is ideal for beginners or intermediate learners who want to practice their listening skills and improve their ability to understand and communicate in Spanish in real-life situations.

By the end of the video, you will have a better understanding of how to make a hotel reservation in Spanish and will feel more confident in your ability to communicate in the language.

Also, we provide you a quiz and the most important phrases as an audio at the end of this Spanish listening practice, so you find out if you are ready for your next vacation in a Spanish-speaking country.

But let’s try the Spanish┬álistening comprehension first:

Quiz: Are you ready to make a reservation for a hotel in Spanish?

Spanish hotel Vocabulary: 25 words you must know

To memorize these words better, be sure to use them in complete sentences. You will find some audios below, too!


  1. la reserva – the reservation
  2. la habitaci├│n – the room
  3. el/la hu├ęsped – the guest (gender depends on the guest’s gender)
  4. la fecha – the date
  5. el check-in – the check-in
  6. el check-out – the check-out
  7. la noche – the night
  8. la tarifa – the rate
  9. la confirmaci├│n – the confirmation
  10. el alojamiento – the lodging
  11. el hotel – the hotel
  12. la suite – the suite
  13. la cama – the bed
  14. el ba├▒o – the bathroom
  15. el desayuno – the breakfast
  16. la recepci├│n – the reception
  17. la llave – the key
  18. el ascensor – the elevator
  19. el estacionamiento – the parking
  20. la piscina – the pool
  21. la reservaci├│n – the booking
  22. la disponibilidad – the availability
  23. el equipaje – the luggage
  24. la vista – the view
  25. el aire acondicionado – the air conditioning
hotel in spanish

The 10 most important phrases to make a reservation for a hotel in Spanish

These are the essential Spanish phrases to make a reservation for a hotel in Spanish. Listen and repeat them as often as possible, and you will gain confidence!


┬┐Tiene habitaciones disponibles?

Do you have any rooms available?

Quiero hacer una reservaci├│n?

I would like to make a reservation.

¿Cuál es el precio por noche?

What is the price per night?

┬┐Tiene una habitaci├│n con cama doble?

Do you have a room with a double bed?

┬┐A qu├ę hora es el check-in/check-out?

What time is check-in/check-out?

Quisiera reservar una habitaci├│n para dos noches.

I would like to reserve a room for two nights.

┬┐Incluye el desayuno en el precio?

Is breakfast included in the price?

┬┐Hay alg├║n estacionamiento disponible?

Is there any parking available?

┬┐Hay acceso a internet en las habitaciones?

s there internet access in the rooms?

┬┐Puedo cancelar mi reserva?

Can I cancel my reservation?

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