The Spanish imperfect conjugations | 3 free exercises to practice

Dec 27, 2020 | Spanish Grammar

The Spanish imperfect conjugations

The Spanish imperfect Pretérito Imperfecto usually is the 3rd Spanish past tense that you study as a beginner or as an intermediate speaker.

It is slightly different from past tenses you use in English or the “Plusquamperfekt” in German (ich hatte gelesen). But still, there are some similarities in how you use it in Spanish. 

We want to offer your three exercises to master the Spanish imperfect conjugations.

If you are not sure about how and when to use the Spanish imperfect tense, you should read our article here. Also, we can recommend to watch Mónica’s video about the Pretérito Imperfecto to learn more  about it (click here).


We found this webpage for the Spanish verb conjugation in the past tense very helpful (click here).

Try our free exercises! If you still need help with the Spanish preterite tense Pretérito Imperfecto, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer face-to-face Spanish lessons in El Zonte, El Salvador, and also online classes.


Spanish imperfect conjugations: regular verbs

Spanish imperfect conjugations: irregular verbs

Good news: There are only three irregular verbs in the Spanish imperfect. ver (to see), ir (to go)y ser (to be).For example: Cuando yo era joven, no veíamos tanto televisíon (When I was young we didn’t use to watch that much TV.)

Spanish preterite vs imperfect practice

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