The 10 most important Spanish irregular verbs in present tense

Oct 17, 2020 | Spanish Grammar

Free practice for the Spanish irregular verbs in the present tense

It’s essential to learn how to conjugate Spanish irregular verbs present tense (presente de indicativo). With the following exercises, you will learn how to conjugate the 10 most important and frequently used irregular verbs in Spanish.

Practice them well, and you will build up a solid base to improve your Spanish. If you need to memorize them better, it might help write them down with a pen on paper in the traditional way.

Also, it might help if you try to learn complete sentences with the Spanish irregular verbs in the present tense:

Soy un profesor.

¿Eres alemán?

Julio es Salvadororeño.

If you need some more help before starting the exercises, you should watch Mónicas video about Spanish verb conjugation. Mónica is our virtual Spanish teacher, by the way.

You’re always welcome to contact us to book a free Spanish trial lesson with our teachers. Have fun!

Spanish irregular verbs: ser  (to be)

Spanish irregular verbs: estar  (to be)

Spanish irregular verbs: tener  (to have)

Spanish irregular verbs: ir  (to go)

Spanish irregular verbs: querer  (to want)

Spanish irregular verbs: saber  (to know)

Spanish irregular verbs:

poder  (to be able to)

Spanish irregular verbs:

empezar  (to begin)

Spanish irregular verbs:

hacer  (to make)


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