Spanish Listening Practice | AT THE AIRPORT

Mar 12, 2023 | Level A1, Spanish Listening

Spanish Listening Practice

As a Spanish School, we understand that Spanish listening practice can be challenging, especially when it comes to understanding native speakers or in stressful situations.­čś▒At the airport, for example.

That’s why we’ve designed this video to help you practice your listening skills in a fun and interactive way.

To start, please study some of the essential vocabularies that is important for this listening practice:

Essential Spanish Vocabualry: At the airport

el aeropuerto – the airport

el boleto – the ticket

la puerta de embarque – the boarding gate

el equipaje – the luggage

el pasaporte – the passport

la aduana – the customs

la maleta – the suitcase

el control de seguridad – the security check

el vuelo – the flight

la sala de espera – the waiting room


el mostrador de facturaci├│n – the check-in counter

la tarjeta de embarque – the boarding pass

el avi├│n – the airplane

el asiento – the seat

el piloto – the pilot

la tripulaci├│n – the crew

la salida de emergencia – the emergency exit

el despegue – the takeoff

el aterrizaje – the landing

el retraso – the delay

Spanish listening Practice

Welcome to our YouTube video on improving your listening skills with a typical travel dialogue during your check-in process at the airport.Ôťł´ŞĆ

Try to listen to it without subtitles and answer the questions from our quiz!


Do you want to practice your Spanish listening skills even more?


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