Spanish prepositions: a, en, de, desde, hasta, al, del

Oct 20, 2020 | Spanish Grammar, Level A1, Level A2

The Spanish prepositions 101

If you start learning Spanish, it’s essential to build up some basic grammar. Try our exercises for the Spanish prepositions: a, en, de, desde, hasta, al, del.

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spanish prepostions

Spanish prepositions: The Basics

There are many Spanish prepositions, and it’s easy to get confused if you try to study them all together.

We recommend starting with the most frequently used Spanish prepositions like:

a at, to
de of, about, from
en in, into, by, inside, within, at
desde since, from
hasta as far as, up to, until, till


If you want to see a complete list: click here. Also, it’s important to mention that the Spanish prepositions like al and del are so-called contractions:

a + el = al (at the)

de + el = del (from the, of the)

For example:

Wrong: Voy a el mercado. 

Correct: Voy al mercado.

Please note the first version is incorrect. Compared to English, you can choose in between:

I will not go to the party tonight.

I won’t go to the party tonight.

Both versions are correct, but concerning the Spanish prepositions “al” and “del,” you cannot choose. Saying “a el” is just grammatically incorrect.

You should try our exercises now to get an idea of how to use them correctly. Have fun!


Exercises: The Spanish prepositions

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