Spanish present perfect – 3 free exercises

Oct 20, 2020 | Spanish Grammar, Level A1, Level A2

The Spanish present perfect: 3 helpful exercises

As a beginner, it is essential to learn the Spanish present perfect “pretérito perfecto” as one of the first past tenses. With the following exercises, you will practice how to use this Spanish past tense correctly.

If you need some more help before you start the exercises, you should watch Mónica’s video. Mónica is our virtual Spanish teacher, by the way.

In general, el pretérito perfecto is very much the same as the present perfect in English or the “Perfekt” in German, for example. If you want to say “I have visited El Salvador.” you have to use the present tense of the verb haber (= to have) and the particle of the verb.

There are also some irregular verbs that you need to know. We recommend starting with the most important ones first. Also, the following post might be helpful for you:  3 essential Tips to master the Spanish past tenses

El Pretérito Perfecto

spanish present perfect

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Have fun and SAY ZONTE!

Learning video: The Spanish present perfect

The Spanish name for the Spanish present perfect is el pretérito perfecto or el antepresente. By watching our learning video, most of your questions about how to use it correctly will be answered.

Exercise 1: Recognizing the infinitive of the verb

Exercise 2: Verb Conjugation

Exercise 3: Verb Conjugation

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