Spanish Reading Practice: Interesting facts about El Salvador

Feb 11, 2021 | Spanish Listening, Spanish Reading

Reading practice in Spanish: Facts about El Salvador

This one goes out to all the Spanish teachers and students who fight their lonely battle against boredom during their Spanish classes and homework ūüėȬ†You are doing a great job!

Try our FREE Spanish reading practice about our beautiful country El Salvador! The Ebook includes audio files and a vocabulary glossary at the bottom of each page. Additionally, you can find links to our blog for further reading.

The Spanish reading practice Ebook is for advanced beginners/intermediate speakers, but you could try it even if you are a beginner.

Spanish reading practice

How does the Spanish reading practice work?

You can use our Spanish reading practice Ebook as a¬†read-along by clicking on the audio symbol in each page’s upper right corner. That would be the more passive way of using it (beginners level).

Another option would be to read it by yourself aloud after listening to the audio to practice your Spanish pronunciation (advanced beginners).

If you are already an intermediate speaker, you could¬†summarize the Ebook’s content¬†after reading it. Imagine you would like to tell someone the exciting facts about El Salvador for about 2 minutes! Sounds easy, but it could be challenging!

By clicking the Ebook below, you can read it in fullscreen mode.

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