Spanish words with RR and R | Free Listening practice

Nov 23, 2020 | Spanish Listening

Spanish words with RR: Can you pronounce them correctly?

Spanish words with RR and R

Spanish words with RR and R are challenging to pronounce. Maybe you’re already getting frustrated, but don’t worry, we can help you ou!

With our free listening and pronunciation practice, we would like to help you to improve your Spanish.

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But now: Let’s go and learn how to pronounce and distinguish Spanish words with RR and R.

spanish words with rr

Learning video: How to pronounce Spanish words with RR and R?

Please watch Mónica’s video first to get an idea of how to pronounce and distinguish Spanish words with RR and R.

Listening practice

Pronunciation Practice

 You will hear many Spanish words with RR and R in it! Listen carefully and try to focus on the different sounds of the Spanish words with RR and R. Pay attention to your tongue!

  • To pronounce the Spanish double RR sound, try to imitate a purring cat.
  • To pronounce the Spanish R sound try to relax your tongue and put it on the front teeth. You should feel it making a little vibration.

Listen to your recorded audio file! You will be amazed how this will improve your awareness of the correct Spanish pronunciation.

But don’t get frustrated, it takes some time to get used to the correct tongue movements. The human tongue is a very complex part of our body and needs to be trained for the movements that you are not used to.

Ramiro el vampiro y su perro roque

(Ramon the vampire and his dog Roque)

El carro no es caro.

The car isn't expensive.

Los gatos están ronroneando.

The cats are purring.

Ramón corta rosas rojas en el Rosal.

Ramón cuts red roses in the Rosal.

Si verte fuera muerte y no verte tener vida, prefiero la muerte y verte que no verte y tener la via.

(If seeing you were death and not seeing you were life, I would rather die and see you than not see you and have life.)

We hope you like our little practice for the Spanish words with the RR and R sounds. Please let us know your opinion and leave a comment below.

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