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Immerse yourself in Spanish while enjoying the natural beauty of El Zonte and practice daily with the teachers from the Say Zonte team. 

Quality Spanish LESSONS

All Spanish lessons are held in one on one sessions and are great for any level of Spanish proficiency. Get to know our teachers in a free trial lesson!

Free Conversation classes

We offer weekly Spanish conversation classes FOR FREE for all levels to complete your Spanish learning experience with us!

Fully Flexible!

Choose single classes or a whole package of lessons and make your own schedule. We also offer group classes up to four students.


Please book your Spanish lessons at least 48h in advance to make the most of your time in El Zonte!

There is no need to pay during the booking process.

Also, you can reschedule your Spanish lessons up to 48h before each appointment.

Start Learning Spanish Online

Learn and practice Spanish from the comfort of your home. Let the talented teachers from the SAY ZONTE! team bring their language lessons to you.

Spanish online

Find Your personal teacher

Choose your online Spanish teacher that best suits your needs! Each teacher offers a free trial lesson (30 minutes), so you can be sure it’s a fit.

spanish online classes

Fully Flexible!

Choose single classes or a whole package of lessons. All lessons are held in one on one sessions and are great for any level of Spanish proficiency.

Spanish online

Access to our learning platform

All Spanish online classes include our free learning manuals and access to our online learning platform to accelerate your progress even more!


Our Spanish online teachers

Spanish Immersion Activities

Immerse yourself with the local people from El Zonte and other Spanish learners with our Spanish immersion activities. Use your Spanish in daily situations and get confident! ¡Vámos!


How do I sign up for a Spanish course?

It’s easy. Sign up for our Spanish School here on our website or in El Zonte at Hotel Palo Verde reception! There’s no need to pay upfront on this website.
For our Spanish online lessons, you can only sign up on our website.

How much are the Spanish lessons?

It depends on the number of classes you take! The more, the lower gets the price per class (each class has 50min).
You can find more about our price here. Also, you can download our complete price list as a pdf here.

Do you offer a homestay program?

No, until this point, we don’t offer a homestay program. But we are working on it. Anyway, you will have plenty of opportunities to practice your Spanish with the locals here in El Zonte. There appreciate it if you speak to them in Spanish!

How do I get to your Spanish School?

Every place in El Zonte is within walking distance. If you stay in El Tunco, you can take the public bus (about US$ 0.75 one way).

Can you recommend a place to stay in El Zonte?

There are plenty of places to stay in El Zonte for each budget! 

Here are some options:

  • Hotel Palo Verde ($$$)
  • Puro Surf ($$$)
  • Esencia Nativa ($$)
  • La Canasta ($$)
  • Casa de Colores ($)
  • Wipeout Surf House ($)

Also, there are some AirBnBs in El Zonte.

I want to take group classes! Is that possible?

Yes, it is. But most of our students prefer 1-on-1 classes because it’s more effective. If you bring your friends, we can arrange group lessons for up to four people.

Is it possible to practice my conversational Spanish only?

Yes, of course! We recommend our free Spanish conversation classes if you want to avoid getting into Spanish grammar because you have studied Spanish before.

Sign up here!

Anyway, Spanish conversation practice is also part of our 1-on-1 Spanish classes.

How do I set up a schedule for my Spanish lessons?

You can set up your schedule for the Spanish lessons individually with your teacher. Usually, you can choose the date and time, but sometimes it can get busy. So to be sure you get your favorite teacher, time, and date, you should make a reservation.

How many lessons should I take?

It’s up to you! Some of our students take less than five lessons because they have little time in El Zonte. But also, some students study up to 6 hours each day, and they come to El Zonte to specifically learn Spanish with us!

How do I find the right Spanish teacher for me?

All our Spanish teachers do a great job. If you want to find out which teacher best fits you, you can ask us or take a free Spanish trial lesson (30min).

Spanish Lessons in El Salvador

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